Happy International Book Giving Day!




International Book Giving Day

Have you heard about International Book Giving Day?

This February 14, promote the love of reading worldwide through the simple act of giving a book. Leave a book at an ATM! Hand a book to the man with the off-putting odour on the bus! Place a stack of paperbacks in your local hospital’s waiting room! Give a book to the woman who works at your local liquor store counter! And especially, give a book to a child. If you’re a reader of this blog, chances are that the kids in your life don’t really need a new book. Your house may look a bit like ours, with board books and picture books crowded into every corner. So maybe you could find a different way to celebrate with your family. You could drop off some books at a local women’s and children’s shelter, at a prison literacy program, at your local library (check to see what each organization needs first!). You can donate books or money for books locally or internationally, for example through Books for Africa, Books4Cause, or Books for Soliders. Need some inspiration? Check out what other people are planning¬†for IBGD!

Whom will you give a book to this Book Giving Day?