Read to your child: What

The Book Doctor
The Guardian newspaper’s excellent book recommendations for specific needs and questions.

Storyline Online
Free animated children’s songs and stories and videos of book readalongs, some of which feature sign language.

Read to your child: Why

Read Every Day: A Healthy Prescription for Your Child (Dr. Dipash Navsaria, Huffington Post)
A great article on the importance of the health benefits of reading to your child daily.

Research Findings (Reach Out and Read)
Scientific study-based evidence on the benefits of reading to your child (specifically focusing on the excellent Reach Out and Read program, which promotes reading among high-risk families).

Read to your child: How

Getting the Most out of Picture Books (Reading is Fundamental)
How to use picture books to expand the reading experience for young children.

Providing a Literacy-Rich Home Environment (Reading is Fundamental)
How to create a home that promotes and welcomes reading and how to make reading a part of everyday life. A further article on this topic can be found here.

Use a PEER When You Read Aloud (Reading Rockets)
If you’re not sure how to read interactively with your child, the PEER method is a great way to start having a dialogue with your child about the book, rather than simply reading to (or, worse, at) your child.



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