Review: I Feel Happy

I Feel Happy

GoldAardvarkGoldAardvarkGoldAardvarkGoldAardvark 4/5 aardvarks

Format: Board book
Age: 0-2
Series: Little Learners Slide and See
Publisher: Parragon Books (March 2012)
Pages: 8 (plus slide-out tabs)
ISBN-10: 1445457369
ISBN-13: 978-1445457369

I have an automatic dislike for any book that doesn’t list an author. That’s usually a very bad sign. It usually means that the publisher’s emphasis was on production values rather than the words or the images, and it often makes for a book that is more glitter than anything else. Books that don’t credit authors or illustrators almost always rely on a gimmick for sales. They may be shiny, but they’re not good. This book may be the exception to my rule: it has very simple text and images, but in this case they work well with each other and with the gimmick: in this case, pull-out “slide and see” tabs. The book explains a wide variety of emotions in easy-to-understand terms with straightforward examples: “I feel happy…when I’m with my family. I feel sad…when I say goodbye to Grandma.” The young reader can pull out a tab that continues: “I feel loved…by Mommy and Daddy.” For a toddler who is just starting to put names to some of the (frequently overwhelming) emotions he or she is feeling, this book is a great read. Toddlers can learn what it means to feel shy, to feel grumpy, to feel bored, and more, while feeling safe and snug in a loved one’s lap.


One thought on “Review: I Feel Happy

  1. I’m really enjoying this blog and may I just say that the design is beautiful? Whilst I don’t think I’m the intended audience I’m very interested in what parents look for in a book for their child, so this is a great source of information! I’m also an enormous fan of picture books in general and love to see what little gems other people have found. Thank you!

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