How to tell your kids stories

As crucial as it is to make sure you’re reading wonderful books to your children, it’s also essential — and boatloads of fun — to tell stories to, and with, the little people in your life. Storytelling is an art as old as the hills and can be an immense gift to your kids, a gift of imagination and of memories they may hold with them their whole lives. But in this digital age, telling stories can seem old-fashioned and awkward. Storytelling is not something that comes naturally to everyone; if the idea of making up a story on your own paralyzes you with fear, you’re not alone. Check out this post over at Modern Parents Messy Kids on Storytelling 101 to get some great tips on how to share some homemade yarns with your littlies; there’s even a great activity with torn paper to get you started. What stories are you going to tell the kids in your life tonight?


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