Welcome to the Aardvark’s Apprentice!

I love children’s books.

But not all of them.

I search through the local library and cruise the internet like a beachcomber seeking the perfect seashell. I’m looking for the best books to read my kids. I want them to grow up surrounded by beautiful words, enchanting storylines, and unforgettable illustrations. I want them to read the best books for children that have ever been written in English.

I want your kids to read them too.

Not every parent has the time or inclination to read through dozens of books at their local bookstore or library to find ones that will make their children’s eyes shine. But every parent wants their kid to read great books.

That’s where I come in. If a book has received a recommendation from the Aardvark’s Apprentice, you can be confident that it’s a great pick.

Happy reading!


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